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    About us

    The National Center for Spinal Disorders, an affiliate of the Buda Health Center, is the only hospital in Hungary covering virtually the entire diagnostic and treatment spectrum of all disorders of the spine.

    The Center grew out of the Semmelweis University of Medicine Department of Spinal Surgery and Rehabilitation in 1995, was under the direction of the Central Army Hospital for several years and later integrated into the State Health Center becoming wholly independent in 2005. Presently, it is under the operation of the Buda Health Center, Ltd. with Peter Paul Varga, MD, its original founder, as General Director.

    General and orthopedic surgeons, trauma and neurosurgeons, rheumatologists, anesthesiologists, intensive care doctors, radiologists, psychologists and other specialties (i.e., urologists, gynecologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, etc.) make up the able staff experienced in examining and treating spinal disorders.

    The Center has become known worldwide gaining international recognition for its complex method of reasoning behind the treatment of spinal disorders and the orthopedic and philosophical innovations that have come out of the Center to later become universally accepted methods of treatment of the spine.


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