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    Magas kontrasztú nézet

    Outpatient Care

    The following outpatient clinics are available:

    Musculoskeletal Clinic

    This clinic has the largest patient flow with more than ten thousand examinations and treatments. Most are Patients with spine complaints but other musculoskeletal problems (i.e., general orthopedics, traumatology) cannot be discounted. Thus, the outpatient clinics encompass our entire inpatient care spectrum from degenerative spine diseases to the general orthopedic problems

    Most of our Patients have cervical or lumbar spine complaints the origin of which we try to discover and then refer them to the proper specialist. Should the clinical symptoms and the diagnostic examination results show the need for surgery, then it is here that we schedule the admission and do all the pre-operative preparations in order to ensure that all proceeds smoothly and that the planned operation is successful. Should the results indicate that the treatment required is non-surgical, we refer the Patient to the proper institution for conservative/rheumatology treatment.

    State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment - digital x-rays, ultrasonography, CT and MRI scans - are available on site making it possible for us to obtain immediate results as to the cause of our Patients' complaints. We do not have National Health coverage for the CT and MRI scans, thus, we can only offer them as a paid for service, with the results available within a week. We can provide a referral to outside National Health financed diagnostic centers; however, the results here are available in 6-8 weeks only.

    The Outpatient Clinic hours: 

    Monday - Thursday - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

    Friday - 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

    For appointments please call our call-center at +36-1-887-7900.

    Since our Patients come from every region of Hungary, in non-emergency cases the waiting period for an appointment might be rather lengthy. In cases, however, where the Patient's condition is such that a long waiting period would be detrimental, the Patient would be seen on an emergency basis out of turn. Here too the call should be made to our dispatchers advising them that an emergency appointment needs to be made. The dispatchers will then forward the call to the most qualified person who, after careful questioning, in valid cases will schedule the earliest appointment possible.

    Please bring with you the referral slip from your referring doctor or the clinic that sent you to us.

    Anesthesiology Clinic

    The Patients scheduled for surgery will be examined here by the anesthesiologist who will ascertain, through examination and test results whether the Patient is anesthesiologically in condition to undergo the planned spinal or orthopedic operation or whether additional examinations and tests are needed.

    The Anesthesiology Clinicis available Tuesday to Friday mornings by appointment.

    Neurology Clinic

    Patients are referred here who need organic neurological and/or complex electrophysiological examinations for differential diagnostic reasons for establishing a diagnosis.

    Curative Gymnastics/Physiotherapy Clinic

    The Patients' condition before surgery is evaluated, exercises taught according to protocol following surgery and the progress of Patients involved in prospective clinical examinations is followed here.
    For appointment please call our call-center at +36-1-887-790



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