The National Center for Spinal Disorders, an affiliate of the Buda Health Center, is the only hospital in Hungary covering virtually the entire diagnostic and treatment spectrum of all disorders of the spine.


Csákány, Tibor, MD


Lesion due to the wearing of the spine is one of the laws of life. With the development of spine surgical methods, these are more effective than before, but not all patients require surgery. As a spine surgeon, I consider it my priority to harmonise the conservative and the optimal surgical treatment. Besides my spine surgeon activity, I am the Head of Surgery and I organise the National Center for Spinal Disorders’ surgical programme.

Medical specialism

  • Spinal problems due to ageing
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Slipped disc
  • Herniated disc

Professional experience

  • 1993: Hungarian Army Medical Center
    • General surgeon resident
  • 1994: Petz Aladár Trainee Hospital, Győr county
    • Traumatology
  • 1997: Department of Orthopaedics, Semmelweis University
    • General orthopaedist
  • 1999 – : National Center for Spinal Disorders
  • 2000 – : Buda Health Center

Education and qualifications

  • 1999: Faculty of Medicine – Semmelweis University
  • 2007: qualifying exam in orthopaedics – traumatology
  • 2013: European Spine Course Diploma

Language skills

  • English

Professional and society membership

  • Hungarian Orthopaedic Association
  • Hungarian Spine Society
  • Hungarian Osteoporosis and Osteoarthrology Society
  • AOSpine International

Scientific activity

  • Zalatnai A, Bocsi J, Csakany T, Fekete T, Lasztity J.: “Human pancreatic leiomyosarcoma (PZX-7) growing as a serially transplantable xenograft in immunosuppressed mice.”
    Int J Pancreatol. 1999 Aug;26(1):33-41.
  • Csákány T. - Bejek Z.: “Vasculáris eredetű tumort utánzó elváltozás a radius distális metaphysisében.”
    Fiatal Ortopéd Orvosok Fóruma - Kaposvár - 2004
  • Csákány Tibor : Kisizületi synoviális cysta [Áttekintés és Esetbemutatás]
    OROM XIII Kongresszusa - 2009
  • Csákány T - Varga PP: Intervertebrális spacer alkalmazásával végzett egyszintes lumbális fúziós műtétek hosszú távú eredményének értékelése
    A MAGYAR ORTOPÉD TÁRSASÁG 49. KONGRESSZUSA - Fiatal Ortopédek Fóruma - 2006
  • Csákány Tibor – Varga Péter Pál: Thoracolumbális kisizületi synoviális cysta – áttekintés és esetismertetés
  • Csákány Tibor - Varga Péter Pál : Discoplastica az osteoporosissal szövődött degeneratív gerincbetegségek műtéti ellátásában
  • Csákány Tibor - Varga Péter Pál: Degeneratív Instabilitás és Balance
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    Global Spine Congress, Barcelona - 2011
  • Csákány Tibor, Kurutzné Kovács Márta, Varga Péter, Varga Péter Pál, Borbás Lajos: Csontcement távtartóval stabilizált szegmentumok teherbírásvizsgálata nyomókísérlettel
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  • T. Csákány, P. P. Varga: Risk factors for surgical site infection following thoracolumbar spinal operations and a novel risk stratification model using predictive analytics
    Global Spine Congress, Hong Kong 2013 - Best papers award

Should You like to make an appointment with our collegue for private consultation, please dial the number +36-1-489-5200, where our dispatchers will answer your call between 8am and 8pm every weekday!

Suspension of outpatient and inpatient care in non-acute cases

Dear Visitor,

Amidst the current epidemiological situation and in line with the orders of the competent government bodies, the Buda Health Center (BEK Kft.) is suspending its outpatient and inpatient care in non-acute cases. This mainly pertains to the National Center for Spinal Disorders’ surgical care: as of today, the institute will only see patients in need of acute spinal treatment based on the referral of a general practitioner or a medical clinic specialist. We would like to ask our Patients not to make any further appointments as we will only keep this option open for referring doctors.      

As far as ongoing treatments are concerned, our dispatchers will continuously keep patients posted following the guidance of their respective doctors. Should you have any questions, we recommend contacting your doctor via email through the institute’s email address.      

This measure will change based on central orders upon the alleviation of the epidemic.      


Péter Pál Varga, M.D.
Founding Director