The National Center for Spinal Disorders, an affiliate of the Buda Health Center, is the only hospital in Hungary covering virtually the entire diagnostic and treatment spectrum of all disorders of the spine.


Patient Education

Patient Education Program

The purpose of our education program is to provide information regarding susceptibility to disorders of the spine in the hope of prevention.  A team made up of a psychologist, physiotherapist, dietitian, instructor, nurse and doctor will assist.
The education of patients has become an integral part of the rehabilitation program at several health care institutions around the world as well as in Hungary wherein the patients are made aware of necessary life style changes and of predisposing risk factors.

The patient education program is part of our five-day conservative (no-surgical) treatment.  We recommend that only those patients take part who are able to sit for one hour at a time in spite of pain and actual complaints.

Location:  the National Center for Spinal Disorders, 2nd floor, Conference Room.
Time:  M-F: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., Th.: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Main Topics

  • Risk factors leading to disorders of the spine and their progression 
  • Improper medication habits
  • Important of patient education in spine care
  • Psychosocial problems affecting disorders of the spine
  • The structure of the spine and its proper function
  • The role of psychotherapy
  • Ergonomics – review and learn correct spine posture in several work situations
  • Diet
Comments from some of our Patients regarding the Program

Gábor Mekis, V.M.D.:
This is definitely the future – the sharing of information and the information’s accuracy.
I will definitely recommend the Program to my friends.

Marianna Nagy, District Representative:
Changing one’s life style is not so very complicated – you just need to pay attention to a few things and then go on with your life.  I learned during the week, just how very important diet, physical activity and a positive mind set really is.  Everyone was very nice and helpful.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been around so many smiling people.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for such a program.  Thank you!

Éva Vajda Mrs. László Béky, Pharmacist:
As a former health education teacher, it gave me great pleasure to learn about your Patient Education Program.  I congratulate the team of instructors who not only talked about prevention but also covered the treatment of body and soul as a unit in holistic healing.  Congratulations for understandably communicating a high level scientific topic.  I wish you much success and appreciation in your work.  Thank you!    

Dezső Horváth:
I was fortunate to be able to take part in a teaching program as part of my conservative treatment and have the following comments:

  1. The lecture series was organized logically, by topic – life style, spine problems, other related areas – providing broad information.
  2. The lecturers (doctor, psychologist, physiotherapist, dietitian) imparted their know-how and information, in the interactive method, at the highest level and in a manner understood by all.
  3. Practical advice was given and possibilities for changes in life style were illustrated with real life situations.  Special attention was given to the proper way of taking medications and their effects on each other when taken at the same time.
  4. I would like to suggest that the state ordinances regarding work-related conditions (working in front of the computer screen, moving of goods) resulting in spine problems should be included in the program.  This would help anyone with such complaints to enforce their rights.
In conclusion, the lecture series provided very useful advice and information for developing a healthy life style, preventing illnesses and decreasing the damage of any existing problem.  By following the recommendations, the quality of life of those suffering from an illness can be significantly improved.

Thanking you for the lecture series, I wish you further success in your work.
Respectfully yours. 

Mrs. János Csabai:
The education program was extremely successful among the patients.  Wide-ranging information was imparted regarding everything we should know about spinal disorders and shown ways to help our recovery.
Thank you.

Gábor Sáska:
During the time I spent at the National Center for Spinal Disorders, not only did my pain subside, but the education program had a very salutary effect on my mental state thanks to the friendly surroundings and the kind and helpful staff.
Thank you.

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Thank you for all the words of appreciation!