The National Center for Spinal Disorders, an affiliate of the Buda Health Center, is the only hospital in Hungary covering virtually the entire diagnostic and treatment spectrum of all disorders of the spine.


BMB Spine Meeting 2019

This was the eighth Basel-Milan-Budapest Spine Meeting. This year, the Meeting was held in Switzerland between 22 and 23 November; the main organiser was Cordula Netzer. Nine members represented the Hungarian National Center for Spinal Disorders at the Meeting.

Spinal tumors and the aging spine

The series of presentations lasted for a day and a half, and the main topic was spinal tumors and the aging spine. The chairman of the scientific session was Stephan Schäeren (Basel), and the co-chairmen were Áron Lazáry (Budapest) and Stefano Boriani (Milan). Speakers arrived from 11 countries and questions were discussed in round table format after the presentations; these raised many exciting and new questions about future ambitions. 

BMB Spine Meeting 2019: Day one

One topic on the first day of the conference was the new system presented at the previous congress to categorise osteoporotic vertebral fractures (OF) as developed by the German Society for Spinal Surgery: its routine use and related experience were showed in case reports. Virtual stimulation as a method of education and VR in planning tumor surgeries, as well as performing surgeries in virtual reality, were discussed. In addition, the development of modern implants plays an increasingly important role in spinal tumor surgery; these are essential for more precise imaging studies, planning radiotherapies and ensuring appropriate therapy and follow-up for patients. The last topic of the day was the recent developments in radiation therapy for chordoma, and there was a series of case reports focusing on stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and carbon ion irradiation.

BMB Spine Meeting 2019: Day two

On Day two of the meeting, the topic was creating an individualized 3D printed implant model for patients with a spinal tumor and performing surgery on patients having spinal tumors. In conclusion, new opportunities will be available using a developing technology in individualised patient care.

The National Center for Spinal Disorders participated in the conference with two presentations on the topic of balance regarding spinal tumor surgeries; two case reports were presented:

Regarding the future of this conference, we are happy to announce that the BMB Spine Meeting will be held again in Budapest in 2020.