The National Center for Spinal Disorders, an affiliate of the Buda Health Center, is the only hospital in Hungary covering virtually the entire diagnostic and treatment spectrum of all disorders of the spine.


2017 Basel - Milan - Budapest Spine Meeting on Tumors and Osteoporosis

The BMBSpine Meeting was held in Budapest for the sixth time on November 10-11, 2017.  The meeting was attended by close to two hundred participants.

The main topics of the yearly international conference were: Questions Concerning Current Spinal Oncology and Problems of the Ageing Spine. Time was allotted for forums on innovative techniques and for joint evaluation of the open and often confrontative opinions

Among the thirty invited international speakers were the leading spine surgeons of China and Korea and, in addition to the eminent American scientists, the top professionals in European spinal tumor surgery also spoke at the conference.

The November, 2017 edition of the journal, Gerincgyógyászati Szemle, came off the presses in time for the conference.  This is the first edition ever published in Hungarian and English. 

The Chairman of the spine meeting was Peter Paul Varga.  Co-Chairmen were Stefano Boriani (Italy) and Stefan Schaeren (Switzerland).

Members of the Organizing Committee were Peter Paul Varga, Márton Rónai and Áron Lazáry.

Friday, November 10

Lamartina C: Pelvic fixation can induce relevant acute variations in Pelvic Incidence in patients with adult spine deformity
Varga PP: The forgotten genius
Fisher C: Development of the SOSGQOL 2.0 - a valid quality of life measurement tool in spinal oncology
Dea N: Cost effectiveness and its association with HRQoL in the management of spinal metastases
Boriani S: Mobile spine chordoma
Reynolds J: Total sacrectomy
Rhines L: Giant cell tumor
Varga PP: Introduction
Éltes P: Biomechanics
Norotte G: Experience case-based
Birkenmaier C: Experience case-based
Meshbahi A: Experience case-based
Jakab G: Experience case-based
Vajkóczky P: Mechanism of spinal metastases
Sahgal A: Modern radiotherapy
Laufer I: Renal cell met
Gasbarrini A: Reconstruction by 3D printed prosthesis in the treatment of spine tumors
Verlaan JJ: SBRT followed directly by MIS
Kumar N: Combination therapy: MIS and biological treatment

Saturday, November 11

Rónai M: Sacral fracture after lumbar fusion
Blattert T: Sacral fractures after long-instrumented lumbar fusion
Boszczyk B: Sacral derotation osteotomy for reduction of pelvic incidence
Rónai M: C7 anterolisthesis after insufficient balance correction
Aydinli U: Complications of deformity surgery after the age of 60
Berjano P: Reducing complications in posterior surgery for adult deformity
Vajkóczky P: Intramedullar tumor surgery referatum
Choi D: The good, the bad and the ugly!
Boszczyk B: Thoracolumbar solitary renal cell cc met (recurrence) - en-bloc with circumferential dural resection
Schaser KD: Multisegmental en bloc spondylectomy in combination with large vessel resection
Liu ZJ: Reconstruction of spinal stability with individualized implant after spondyletomy: clinical value and related research
Martin-Benlloch A: Biomechanical study of the sacred substitute part as a model of spinopelvic reconstruction after total sacrectomy
Rhines L: Soft tissue reconstruction
Czyz M: Fractal analysis of osteoporosis
Netzer C: Timing and risk factors for secondary subsidence of conservatively treated compression fractures of the thoracolumbar spine
Tavares MJ: Safety and Ethics
Bozik M: Percutaneous pedicle screw fixation in ankylosing spine disorders
Lee CS: Feasibility of MISS using LLIF in surgical treatment of adult spinal deformity
Berjano P: Anterior procedures to avoid three column osteotomies for adult deformity
Lee CS: Multilevel posterior total spondylectomy
Zaveri G: Aggressive vertebral haemangioma
Aydinli U: Are all RCC spine metastasis behave same ‘Unexpected surgical outcome’
Lazary A: Extreme rare, multiplex tumor-like lesion
Netzer C: “Combined interventional and surgical therapy for a cervical ABC” – What to do if it fails?
Bozsodi A: Transcriptional profiling in chordoma
Marone S: Intraoperative intra-aortic balloon occlusion in sacral and pelvic tumors - experience from 13 cases
Czyz M: Is SpineSage a valid tool for predicting complications in patients undergoing enbloc spinal resections for primary neoplasms?
Szövérfi Zs: Economy of tumor surgeries